Beginner/ intro diving course

Try Scuba Diving Tioman


Becoming a scuba diver in Tioman is the first stage on an adventure that will forever change the way you look at the world and allow you to discover the lungs of our planet: the ocean.

The weightlessness of space is an activity available only for those highly skilled individuals, astronauts, but we believe through scuba diving you’ll experience the wonders of underwater gravity, connect with extraordinary sea creatures, and explore wrecks and habitats hidden beneath the sea, gliding through a hole new world.

The Try Scuba diving program in Tioman offers a quick introduction to the scuba diving universe. It is ideal for those curious in the ocean world, and it can be complete in a short time.

It is intended for people who don’t have time to start a full Open Water course, or for those who want to dive into Tioman’s underwater wonders to get a taste before moving to an extended scuba diving training program.


Everyone experiences his/her first dive differently so we keep groups small to cater to the individual, making sure there is not more than 2 guests per instructor.

The experience will last for about two hours, the first hour will be about getting you comfortable with your equipment and the skills we will learn underwater. Our team will size you up and set up your equipment whilst our instructor talks through using the dive gear and what to expect underwater. You will learn:

  • to breathe slowly and deeply through your regulator.
  • to equalize your ears.
  • how to remove, retrieve and clear your regulator safely.
  • how to clear your mask.
  • hovering and kicking techniques.
  • the proper hand sign divers use to interact underwater.
Once we are happy and ready on land we will enter the water for an hour of underwater fun, practicing the skills in a safe confined water environment before going across to ‘The Aquarium’ reef for a bit of fun! This ocean adventure allows you to dive to a maximum of 12 meters.


The Try scuba diving program is intended for ALL those wishing to discover the marine world. You can dive without a license, accompanied by a diving instructor. However, it is important to follow a few recommendations:

  • In good shape and pass the dive safety medical questionnaire.
  • Be at least 10 years old.
This program takes 2 hours and can be extended to a two dive experience for those wishing to try different dive sites.


  • Transfer from your hotel in Juara area.
  • Full Scuba Diving equipment.
  • Refreshment between the dive (lunch if doing 3 dives a day)
  • Supervision by an experienced instructor.

Scuba Diving Course


Price: MYR300 (2 dives) | MYR420 (3 dives)

Which Tioman's site can I dive in?

Try Dive in The Aquariaum

The aquarium is the hidden gem of Tioman and we are lucky to have it right in-front of our dive shop. This shallow reef is perfect for beginners. Surrounded by a sandy bottomed bay perfect for confined skill training we can walk straight off the beach and dive into your first diving experience.

With beautifully healthy coral this reef is full of color and varied marine life such as false clown fish, bat fish, fusiliers, angelfish, puffer fish, barracuda, sting rays, turtles, nudibranch and black tipped reef sharks.

Try Dive in Rinkin

Rinkin is an exciting site for new divers and experienced divers alike. This sloping coral garden  is combined with a shear rock faced wall to give you the wonders of two dive sites in one. With healthy coral there are many wonders to see from the brightly colored reef fish to the occasional turtle and remora theres so much to see we can never have enough time on this site!

Once you have completed your first try dive in The Aquarium, you could add on this boat dive to dive a little deeper into the underwater world.

Try Dive in Nayak

Nayak is located on the north coast of Juara Bay and is popular with reef fish, schooling fish, turtles and Bumphead Parrot fish. With a sloaping rock formation there is an abundance of life that loves the coral and sponges found here.

Once you have completed your first shore dive you could add on this boat dive to dive a little deeper into the underwater world.