Snorkeling Tioman

Snorkeling is the beginning of your journey

We love everything about the water and sharing this experience with others. Our snorkeling trips are both enjoyable and thrilling, suitable for all ages and swimming abilities. If you want an introduction to the underwater world and a taste of the ‘diving experience’, snorkeling is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in nature.

With a wealth of knowledge about the waters and species in and around Tioman Island our expert instructors will tailor make snorkeling trips to suit every comfort level.

Tioman has pristine underwater coral gardens and reef pinnacles; perfect for snorkelers. Tioman is a component of the Coral Triangle. It means that it is one of the most biodiversity marine zones of the planet. The seas around our island offer plenty of marine habitats with many different species of fish, ray, turtle, and shark making for a unique snorkeling experience every time.

So if you are thinking about snorkeling on Tioman’s coral reef during your next vacation we have selected some of the best sites to create unforgettable underwater memories.

What you need to know

Snorkeling in Tioman is a fun activity accessible to all in a safe and family fun experience. However, being a water activity there are some risks associated with this activity. It is important to have in mind certain rules to practice safe snorkeling:

  • Always have a ‘buddy’ with you when snorkeling.
  • Know your physical limits.
  • Pay attention to the weather.
  • Check your equipment.


  • Transfer from your hotel in Juara area.
  • Full snorkelling equipment.
  • Boat transport to snorkelling sites.
  • Lunch & refreshment between snorkelling sessions.
  • Supervision by an experienced instructor/divemaster.
  • Advance snorkelling skill lessons.
  • Species identification and information.

Snorkeling Trip Tioman

Ready To Get Wet?

Price: MYR120.00 (Juara); MYR150.00 (Coral Island)


Where to Snorkel in Tioman?

Snorkeling in Juara Bay

There are many different snorkeling sites that shelter in the arms of Juara bay. Boasting several different environments rolled into one area this spot is made for snorkeling.

The rocky island ledges are filled with schooling fish, juvenile sharks, and surgeon fish. In other areas there are large coral boulders lifting from the reef making it easy to see the colorful reef fish, turtles and nudibranch that have made this little cove their home. There are also sloping coral gardens and fringing coral reef full of color, texture and magical creatures to discover on in and under these amazing natural formations.

Snorkeling in Coral Island

Coral Island may well be the best snorkelling spot in Tioman Island! With beautiful coral gardens there is a huge variety of fish to see in the shallow waters and many schooling fish in the slightly deeper waters that surround each site.
Coral Island is so beautiful that you will probably want to spend your whole day there visiting several sites and having lunch on one of its uninhabited beaches.

How To Go: Boat ride of 45 minutes from Juara.

Snorkeling in "The Aquarium"

The snorkeling around Jay Bay is second to none, being slightly off the beaten track its dive sites are quick, with people at least, which means they are teaming with wildlife. This shore snorkel is teaming with life with regular visits from turtles and rays as well as boasting a resident school of hundreds of fish often surrounded by barracuda and the occasional black tip reef shark!

Marine Life: Numerous false clown fish, bat fish, fusiliers, angelfish, pufferfish, barracuda, sting rays, turtles, nudibranch and black tipped reef sharks.

Depth: 2 – 6m

How To Go: From the beach by JSA.