Diving in Tioman

Scuba diving in Tioman

Tioman is know for its beautiful long white sandy beaches that fringe the lush green rainforests and warm turquoise waters it is always ‘insta’ ready and has earned its reputation as a top holiday destination for divers and non-divers alike

As beautiful as Tioman island is some of its best kept secrets are found under the waves. Accessible through snorkelling or a dive safari these underwater wonderlands are teaming with life. Brightly coloured reef fish surround you as you watch out for our resident turtles or catch a glimpse of a shark as the cruise past.
For those loving macro we boast regular sightings of a certain little sheep along with a multitude of other beautiful nudibranch and crustacean hidden amongst the reef

Being located on the East coast of Tioman Island, Juara offers some of the most untouched dive sites available on the island whilst still in easy reach of the popular sites in the North (Coral Island), West (Renggis, Sawadee Wreck, etc.) and South (Jahat Island with waterfall trip). These sites have a little something for everyone from beginners right through to professionals with great ID dives and photography opportunities as well as exciting drift and wreck dives. Weather you have dived here or not there is always something new and it will keep you coming back for me!

What you need to know

We tailor-made our daily dive trips to the needs of our customers, this flexibility allows us to cater to your level of experience and confidence. We will hand pick sites according to your experience and interest making sure we go to the sites you want to go to wherever possible while prioritizing safety.

In order to give you a memorable experience we make sure to keep groups small, max 4 divers, and we join you up to one of our friendly Divemasters who are trained to the highest levels in dive guiding and execution as well as having an in-depth knowledge of the individual dive sites, conditions and species.

We strive to give be the best of the best by carefully planning your dive experience, with us, to get the longest bottom time possible, whilst prioritizing your comfort and safety, with most dives lasting at least an hour.


  • Transfer from your hotel in Kg. Juara.
    Refreshment between the dive.
  • Guiding by an experienced diving instructor/divemaster.
  • Full rental diving equipment with dive computer.

what is the price?

The Aquarium – MYR90.00

Boat dive

2 dives – MYR125.00
3 – 5 dives – MYR115.00
6 or more – MYR110.00

Night dive – MYR140.00 (inclusive torch rental)

Where to Dive in Tioman?

"The Aquarium"

We are lucky enough to have an amazing dive site, ‘The Aquarium’, right on our doorstep. Voted, by our divers, as one of the best sites they visited we always surface wanting more.

We have regular visits from sting rays, black tipped sharks and turtles alongside our resident puffer fish, barracuda, and of course ‘nemo’ and all ‘his’ friends. If you have ever wondered what it is like to swim through a school of fish or get close up to mating cuttlefish, this is the perfect safari for you.

Aptly named aquarium for its abundance of beautiful coral, reef fish and invertebrates there really is something new to discover under, on, and between, every rock.
From the beautiful macro of ‘Shaun the sheep’ to the excitement of seeing a bamboo shark cruising out of the darkness we can’t wait to join you on your next dive into the big blue.

Diving in East of Tioman

Juara is seen as the hidden underwater wonderland of Tioman island, located on the eastern shores these untouched sites are really something special to experience.

We are lucky to have regular visits from turtles, sting rays and sharks sheltering in the calm bay or having fun alongside us on one of our drift dives.

With shallow house reefs, that act as nurseries, to deep open water pinnacles, showcasing invertebrate critters and large pelagic species. From the sandy bottomed bay alive with macro wonders and capsule reefs to the awe-inspiring topography of massive granite boulders and sloping rock faces hiding lobsters and giant grouper no site is ever the same.

We are so excited to dive in, with you, to explore the mysterious treasures Juara has to offer.

Diving in north of tioman

To the North there is the iconic Coral Island, uninhabited by man but teaming with marine species perfect for divers and snorkelers alike.

Known for both its geology and its reef systems, coral island really is something to experience, towering rock formations with hidden coves and shallow reefs, sprawling colorful coral gardens full of schooling fish, turtles and cuttlefish and marine walls covered in ornate sea fans, nudibranch, humphead parrot fish and often a sneaky sea snake.

On these trips we love to grab a bite to eat, in-between dives, on the crisp white sands of the secluded island.

If it’s the excitement of swim through that you are after Labas and Chebeh island will be your playground with huge granite boulders hiding tunnels and hidey holes there’s always something new to see.

Diving in West of Tioman

The west is best known for its scuba friendly sights and surprisingly courageous species. Renggis, with its resident turtles and friendly puffer fish, is always a crowd pleaser especially when the black tip sharks are around.

The west also boasts some of the best wreck dives in the famous Sawadee wreck starting at 26m it is a perfect deep dive.

Alternatively there is also the shallow paradise of the marine park sites surrounding Tioman’s coast and islet gems, these sloping reefs are colored not only by its corals but also its fish life.

Diving in South of tioman

If you have been to Tioman before you might be surprised to hear of sites to the South of the island. We are one of the only centers that venture down. We love Jahad, a small rocky island translating to ‘naughty’ island because of the site and marine diversity and fun currents.

With a beautiful deep dive on one side and a rolling sandy dive on the other it is the perfect combination to see both reef species and ocean-going schools and sharks.

The light house is another favorite being one of the only ‘drop offs’ on the island it really is something not to be missed, a firm favorite with staff and guests alike.

We love these trips as it means we can stop off at the water fall on our surface interval to have food next to the crashing fresh water falls.